Great Results on our Leitchs Road Fishway Project

Matt Moore from Catchment Solutions has reported great results from our work completed earlier this year on Leitchs Road, Brendale.

The fishway was constructed on the downstream side of a pedestrian causeway in Brendale consisting of twelve 450 mm diameter pipes and a 250 mm water surface dropping off the downstream culvert apron.

A phenomenal number of fish has been recorded moving through the fishway – averaging 1,406 fish per day. When evaluating the performance, its very important that the smallest fish are being captured as they are the weakest swimmers. If they are successfully ascending through then this demonstrates that the fishway is performing well. Our feedback from the customer has shown that:

–  5061 fish have been captured since the project was completed
–  There is now a catch rate of 1406 fish per day
–  18 species in total
–  15 native and 3 pests
–  Native fish represented 99.7% of the catch
–  Although 3 pest species were captured, they were extremely low abundance – which is fantastic results

This project was successful in many areas. Excellent work to our UCC boys who helped complete this program.

Attached below are photos forwarded on by Matt Moore showing these results.









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