UCC Triple-Certified Nationwide

Following a comprehensive audit by Global Certification Pty Ltd, Universal Civil is honoured to announce the great success of our Triple-Certification.

Global Certification Pty Ltd provides associations around Queensland with information services and solutions for managing risk, achieving compliance and driving company development.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001 is based on the plan-do-check-act methodology and provides a process-oriented approach to documenting and reviewing the structure, responsibilities, and procedures required to achieve effective quality management in an organisation.

Specific sections of the standard contain information on topics such as:

(1) Requirements for a quality management system including documented information, planning and determining process interactions
(2) Responsibilities of management
(3) Management of resources, including human resources and an organization’s work environment
(4) Product realisation, including the steps from design to delivery
(5) Measurement, analysis, and improvement of the QMS through activities like internal audits and corrective and preventative action.


ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 is an international Standard that specifies the requirements for a structured management approach to environmental protection.

Its purpose is to enable an organisation of any type or size to develop and implement a policy that is committed to environmental responsibility; such as resource sustainability, prevention of pollution, climate change mitigation and minimisation of environmental impact.


ISO 4801:2001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

Organisations can help to protect themselves and their employees by implementing an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS).  Such a system helps to ensure that Universal Civil:

(1) Has an effective OHS policy and objectives
(2) Can establish, assess, and review OHS procedures
(3) Can demonstrate commitment to OHS to others, via self-declaration or certification.

ISO 4801:2001 is used as the benchmark to assess Occupational Health & Safety Management systems for organisations. Whilst this is an Australian/ New Zealand Standard, organisations in other countries have adopted the same requirements.


Why does all of this matter?

International Standards make systems work effortlessly. They give world-class provisions for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. They are instrumental in facilitating international trade. ISO has published more than 19,500 International Standards covering almost every industry, from technology, to food safety, to agriculture and healthcare. ISO International Standards impact everyone, everywhere.

Universal Civil is extremely pleased to have achieved these standards, and give many thanks to all staff involved for their continuous effort in maintaining these standards at such a high level.

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